Based on the fantasy novel (a kind of mix of 'Lord Of The Rings' & 'Star Wars'), published in 2003, by then 20 year old Christopher Paolini. Set in a word of dragons and whatnot: "Before your grandfathers' fathers were born, and even before their fathers, the Dragon Riders were formed. To protect and guard was their mission, and for thousands of years they succeeded." While the Dragon Riders where on guard, each with the strength of ten men, humans propsered in the cities of Alagaesia.

But there was a bad apple in their midst, a powerful dude by the name of Galbatorix. After been punished for reckless behaviour, Galbatorix grows angry and splits from the Riders – learning & developing the dark secrets of forbidden magic. He poaches a bunch of Riders who become the Thirteen Forsworn. They defeated the Dragon Riders and took over Alagaesia.

The story follows young farm boy Eragon who finds a polished blue stone in the forest which holds the key to returning the Empire to good rulers. "Can Eragon take up the mantle of the legendary Dragon Riders? The fate of the Empire may rest in his hands." Dunno, but go boy!

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Just a mix up of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. What else can you expect from a book written by a child?

Not worth the time or bother. Predictable and dull.

I'm defiantly not sitting through the next two parts in this trilogy.

It's just a cheesy and predictable mash-up of Lord of the Rings combined with Harry Potter.

The concept did have potential though, but how it turned out is incredibly unoriginal.

Eragon left me thinking that it had potential. It has a moody visual style, which is great to watch, but the material doesn't fit. The set-up is effective at one point, but then overstates itself, and the whole of the second act doesn’t deliver on the goods. Imagine the climatic action re-written at the beginning of the move, creating exhilaration and momentum, and so set the story off in a different direction. As such, it could have been more exciting and intelligent and wouldn't patronise... More the target demographic. Instead Eragon is predictable, slow, and tissue-thin, more adept at feeling and mood than engaging.Hide

I'd recently finished reading Eragon when I saw the movie, and I was disapointed to find that it was hardly near as good as the book. This was probably because it seemed to cut out chunks of the storyline that I thought were needed, and eventually made the movie seem almost confusing. However, I did enjoy it, and I wouldn't be completely against seeing it again. Maybe it would be enjoyed more by those who haven't read the book of it already? Not really a movie I'd want to waste my own money on... More buying when it's out on DVD, but you might as well see it anyway.Hide

BY PJS2455 superstar

I'm done with this fantasy stuff - too much posturing and self importance. But what do I know, my son liked it, he give's it 4 stars.

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