Escobar: Paradise Lost

Escobar: Paradise Lost


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Canadian surfer (Josh Hutcherson, The Hunger Games) meets the girl of his dreams in Colombia, but gets a brutal reality check when he meets her uncle: drug kingpin Pablo Escobar (Benicio del Toro) in this French-Spanish thriller. Based on a true story.... More

"Told from the perspective of Nick (Hutcherson), an innocent surfer from Canada, the story unfolds during the final years of Escobar's reign. Nick and his brother Dylan (Brady Corbet) set up a modest surfing retreat near Medellin, where Nick meets the woman of his dreams, Maria (Claudia Traisac), who is busy campaigning for her politician uncle. That uncle turns out to be Pablo (del Toro), who invites Nick to a party at his "cottage," a sprawling, Xanadu-like jungle fortress. When he hears of the trouble Nick and Dylan are having with some local thugs, Pablo vows to "take care of it." The thugs turn up dead, and suddenly Nick finds himself immersed in a world of wild extravagance, corruption and bloodshed — one he will find nearly impossible to escape." (Toronoto International Film Festival)Hide

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  • Del Toro in the role of the portly coke king raises this narco kill-fest above the level of a film made according to a cook book. Full Review

  • A fascinating Benicio Del Toro performance powers this enterprising B-movie about a naive young surfer falling prey to the toxic charms of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. Full Review

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