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Documentary that tracks the birth of New Zealand’s first ‘living building’, Te Wharehou o Tūhoe, and details how the building connects the Māori iwi, Ngāi Tūhoe, to the land. More

"Bereft of talking heads, narration or identifying titles, this keenly observational sketch of New Zealand’s most fiercely independent tribe invites us into the gentle ebb and flow of Tūhoe life. The fruits are as quietly unassuming as they are serenely artful and incisive.

"Made under strict sustainability certification as part of the internationally recognised Living Building Challenge, Te Wharehou o Tūhoe is both a mammoth undertaking to watch unfold and a potent symbol of the Ngāi Tūhoe philosophy." (New Zealand International Film Festival)

2015Rating: Exempt90 minsNew Zealand
Sarah Grohnert (feature debut)

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Flicks, Liam Maguren

Flicks, Liam Maguren

What started off as a simple architectural documentary on Te Wharehou o Tūhoe – the living building – expanded into a cultural observation on the Ngāi Tūhoe tribe, and the significant role the construction plays into their history and their future. Containing many of the essential elements we praised The Ground We Won for, director Sarah Grohnert has crafted another enriching Kiwi film that adds to this cinematic collage of Aotearoa.

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Ever the Land is available to stream in New Zealand now on DocPlay and NZ Film On Demand.