Everybody Wants Some!!

Everybody Wants Some!!


Here for a good time, not a long time.

From Richard Linklater (Boyhood) comes this ensemble comedy set in a 1980s college, billed as the "spiritual sequel" to Linklater's classic Dazed and Confused (1993). Follows a group of young baseball players navigating their way through the freedoms and responsibilities of unsupervised adulthood. The title is taken from the 1980 Van Halen single.

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Count on Richard Linklater to make macho jocks likeable and human. This three-day tour through the eyes of an ‘80s freshman manages to squeeze all the fun of college drinking and rooting and bantering while keeping a self-aware eye on the flaws and amusing observations of these masculine stereotypes. The standout dude has to be Glen Powell, who is a triple threat combo of Ryan Gosling, Littlefinger from Game of Thrones, and the spare bag of charisma Robert Downey Jr. left behind.

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BY cinemusefilm superstar

The 'nostalgia coming of age' film portrays the times and events that define a person as they progress through life's rites of passage. They share similarities with the historical bio-pic in trying to capture the look and mood of times gone by but without the historically important people. An example of one that works brilliantly is Richard Linklater's widely acclaimed Boyhood (2014). If you are a fan of that film you will remember the lyrically tender and aesthetically poignant study of a... More small boy's progression to a college-ready teenager. However, if you expect to find those qualities in Linklater's latest film Everyone Wants Some (2016) you are in for a shock.

As far as plot goes, the film looks at a group of young baseball heroes in the three days before collage starts in 1980. The campus dorms are crowded and the city has donated two houses, so there are no real impediments to the boys being boys. The story unfolds through the eyes of ace-pitcher Jake (Blake Jenner) who arrives, settles in, and quickly becomes absorbed into non-stop male-bonding rituals of misogynistic drunken stupidity. The boys have puerile genital fixations and the girls are reduced to barely-covered primal flesh and exist only to yield to or thwart the male sex drive. Late in the film, Jake meets Beverly (Zoey Deutch) and takes tentative steps towards a mutually caring relationship, but this narrative capsule within the film appears only to seek redemption for everything else in it. Alchohol, drugs, and sexual bravado are the binding agents of this male tribe, and when class actually starts we see two of them fall asleep while their professor welcomes them to college.

Nostalgia films rely on authenticity, but this film is cast with little known actors around their 30's in roles that require the innocent freshness of 19 year olds. The casting robs the film of authenticity, and in any case, the non-stop debauchery does not resemble anything like what most mature males have stored in their nostalgia files. Perhaps it all depends on where you were and who you mixed with in your formative years. If this is a nostalgic homage to the 1980s, stop and consider the scale of today's sexual violence against women and the endemic sexual discrimination still embedded in our society. Then join the dots and ask exactly what is being celebrated in this film? As someone who loves the film artform, I try to find at least something to admire in every film but this time I cannot.Hide

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88% of critics recommend.
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  • The characters often come across as immature dolts, but the film’s humane enough to recognise that’s all part of being 18. Full Review

  • A hilarious, deeply relaxed comedy about male bonding, Richard Linklater’s baseball-minded latest ranks right up there with his masterpieces. Full Review

  • Linklater indulges his characters’ antics with such wild, free-flowing affection that you might miss the thoughtful undertow of this delightful movie... Full Review

  • It's as honest and clear-eyed about the past as its predecessor, another in a filmography of unpredictable gems. Full Review

  • A perfectly pitched blast of nostalgia, which will transport you to that time in life when the future stretched before you and anything seemed possible. Full Review

  • If the lads were insufferable misogynistic pricks, Everybody Wants Some!! would make for horrible viewing. Thankfully they’re all intensely lovable. Full Review

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