Ex Machina

Ex Machina


There is nothing more human than the will to survive.

Young programmer Calbe (Domnhall Gleeson, About Time) joins a secret artificial intelligence experiment run by a brilliant scientist (Oscar Isaac, Inside Llewyn Davis). As the pair develop and interact with the beautiful resulting robot (Alicia Vikander, A Royal Affair), mistrust and deception take hold. The directorial debut of Alex Garland (writer of The Beach, Sunshine and Dredd).

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While the ever-expanding blockbuster culture of the 21st century throws up much in the way of justification for bemoaning the doom of the small-to-medium independent film, there is at least one glorious fibre optic lining. The rapid progression of digital effects technology that has gone hand-in-cyborg-claw with these mega-movies has opened up a gateway for brilliant, mind-over-laser science-fiction explorations such as Moon, Her and now Ex Machina.... More

Alex Garland, who wrote the novel for The Beach, the script for 28 Days Later and, most recently, Dredd, turns his hand to directing for the first time and the result is astounding. Domnhall Gleeson (About Time) is Caleb, a young programmer working for fictional Google-Facebook hybrid BlueBook, who is called upon by its founder to attend his forest estate and partake in a week of Artificial Intelligence testing. Specifically of Ava the android, the AI prototype played by the ever-captivating Alicia Vikander (A Royal Affair).

What unravels is both a brilliant existential dilemma and edge of your seat battle of wills as the magnetic Gleeson attempts to match wits with both Ava, her inventor and effectively himself as he soon begins to question if he is the examiner or the subject as well as the small matter of what actually constitutes humanity: Self-awareness? Humour? Attraction? Deception?

Everything about Ex Machina is stunning. From Oscar Isaac - outstanding as the uber-brilliant and barking mad inventor and tormentor Nathan – to the design. A glorious sense of style oozes from every pore of the billionaire’s retreat.

Ex Machina is an outstanding noir thriller, disguised as a brilliant sci-fi exploration, wrapped in an architectural orgasm. See it. Immerse yourself in it. Debate it. Love it.Hide

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BY Gaspardation superstar

Very simple story, very rich dialogue. It uses only 7 interviews to demonstrate what is the Turin test. Wonderful.

BY thorinoak superstar

A totally engrossing film from start to finish with superb performances from Gleeson, Isaac, and Vikander (what great movie is she not in these days?) With a taunt tale with lies and mysteries around every corner, this is a film that will entertain and have you mulling over the state of our tech saturated world for days to come. Brilliant!

BY Mel superstar

The goal of making AIs more "human" is an interesting one. When it comes to humanity's less desirable qualities - greed, deception, betrayal - are we assuming we will always have the safety net of being the ones in control? The inventor in the film makes causal references to discarded prototypes and the promise of the new and improved - at what point, if any, should we view this behaviour as cruel or arrogant? Knowing what we do about human behaviour, is there really only one way this can... More go? The film isn't really striving to answer these questions - it's hardly a cautionary tale - but it's endless food for thought long after the credits roll.

Beautifully paced, with an almost dream-like quality, tense from start to finish - helped by a trio of superb performances. Seek it out - see it again.Hide

It's amazing how far technology is going to take us. If it's this good looking, well helloooo! But seriously, if we are as smart as we are then I'm sure we are our own worst enemy. Thought provoking is what I call this movie. Because we can, should we?
Computers that smart and sexy should be like a chrome espresso maker that knows exactly how I like my coffee. A great watch without going over the top sci-fi. So good it makes you believe what we are already capable of... self preservation via... More CPU.Hide

BY BHaldane lister

Nothing (and no one) is as it quite seems in this outstanding sci fi. And Alex Garland drops enough hints along the way to make this very clear from the get go, however it's never enough to give away the major plot changes. I thoroughly enjoyed the sinister feel of this film, and the way the exchanges between the three main characters became increasingly 'cat and mouse'. Amazing cast, with the events taking place in an isolated setting where technology collides with nature. It's an... More intelligent pretty film and I didn't hesitate to buy the blu ray.Hide

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  • It plays like Frankenstein meets Blade Runner via Hitchcock haunted by the ghosts of Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations... Full Review

  • This is bewitchingly smart science fiction of a type that’s all too rare. Its intelligence is anything but artificial. Full Review

  • Stylish, elegant, tense, cerebral, satirical and creepy. Full Review

  • Ex Machina turns out to be far wittier and more sensual than its coolly unblemished exterior implies... Full Review

  • The story falls out so predictably at every stage that it can be frustrating. It’s the details that are surprising, and purposefully alarming. Full Review

  • Vikander’s spellbinding, not-quite-human presence (her synthetic skin is silky yet creepy) keeps us watching. Full Review

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