Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey


Mr. Grey will see you now.

Adaptation of E.L. James' best-selling erotic novel, the fastest selling paperback of all time (its sex scenes of bondage and masochism devoured by over 70 million blushing readers). The novel, the first of a trilogy, traces the relationship between college graduate Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson, The Social Network) and wealthy entrepreneur Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan, TV's The Fall).... More

Charlie Hunnam (Pacific Rim) was cast as Grey, but has withdrawn from the film citing scheduling difficulties. Fifty is credited with mainstream-ing soft porn literature, time will tell if this will do the same for moviegoers.Hide

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Everyone’s favourite saucy Twilight fan-fic has finally hit the big screen and boy is it… something. It is a thing. To its credit, Dakota Johnson’s Anastasia Steele is fifty billion shades of more likeable than her limp book counterpart - the perfect balance of cool chick, demure ingénue and sultry siren - and thankfully we’re no longer privy to the clunky metaphors that occupy ‘book’ Ana’s every waking moment (“I feel the colour in my cheeks rising again. I must be the colour of The Communist Manifesto.” Yeesh.). I offer director Sam Taylor-Johnson a series of high fives because the words “inner goddess” and “medulla oblongata” are not uttered once (seriously you guys, this book is so bad).... More

We’re lead to believe early on that the film may even have a sense of humour about itself when Ana drunkenly mocks Christian Grey’s (Jamie Dornan) need for control and then in a scene where the two negotiate the terms of her “contract”, but the smiles are soon replaced by long smoldering looks and demented amounts of lip-biting. Unfortunately most of Jamie Dornan’s ‘smoldering looks’ look like cluster headaches. Dornan is a very attractive human male, arguably the only prerequisite for the role, but he’s so flaccid in comparison to the dynamic Johnson it’s a bit like watching her take care of herself for two hours, if you get my drift.

Like the book, no one has come for the story. And like the book, the sex scenes are the best bit because the story is so abjectly terrible. Taylor-Johnson has masterfully captured the BDSM-lite eroticism with enough tantalising glimpses of bits you don’t usually see on the big screen to make you stifle a nervous giggle, but not enough to get the censors’ undies in a bunch. Not only that, she has achieved the rare feat of making a film that is better than its source material. Now if we all just ignore how embarrassingly easy that would be…Hide

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BY KTurner superstar

Many people are dissing this movie however if you did enjoy the book the movie does do it justice. The actors do a good job, even though they aren't particularly likable (whether it's the actors or their characters I don't know). Mind you, this would have been one of the hardest acting gigs ever as everyone has in their head their idea of Christian Grey or Ana Steele. The ending is sudden and leaves many people wanting however if you've read the book then you'll know that is quite simply, what... More happens. It'll keep you interested even though it's not the best movie out there. But that is what movies are there to do... entertain. 3 stars and yes I will be seeing the second and third :)Hide

BY Coraliee superstar

I had read the books - only because I had come across the trilogy in an op shop and they were having a half price sale - so paid 50c each for them. The books were ok. Glad I waited till the movie came out on dvd - and didn't pay cinema costs...
Husband fell fast asleep in the first 20 mins (snoring loudly I might add), and I struggled to stay awake! Books were definately better and I agree with another reviewer who said it ended abruptly - I also agree the trilogy should have been made into one... More movie...we would have all forgotten about this one by the time the 2nd one comes out!Hide

BY Gaspardation superstar

How can they produce this XXX and claim it's sexually appealing?

BY Barny superstar

I'm not gonna beat about the bush...let me just say, go see it, you won't go home empty handed.

BY Tania1 lister

as above stick to reading

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  • A slick exercise in carefully brand-managed titillation - edgier than most grown-up studio fare, but otherwise a fairly mild provocation in this porn-saturated day and age. Full Review

  • A sex-positive but hopelessly soft-core erotic drama. Full Review

  • Aiming to please, the filmmakers submit without hesitation to the bold yet hokey source material, with leads Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson breathing a crucial third dimension into cutout characters. Full Review

  • Johnson’s Ana squeezes believability out of one of the more silly romantic entanglements in recent popular culture. Full Review

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