First Reformed

First Reformed


Ethan Hawke is a former military chaplain wracked by grief over the death of his son in this intense drama from Paul Schrader (writer of Taxi Driver and Raging Bull). Nominated for the Golden Lion at Venice Film Festival 2017.

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Even a Pastor needs a Pastor.

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  • What keeps us alert as viewers is not the slow disintegration of this man's faith, but the deep ambiguity about where the film's sympathies actually lie. Full Review

  • A deeply felt, deeply thought picture; impressive in its seriousness and often gripping in the way it frames itself as a debate and a sermon. Full Review

  • Schrader courts respectability and leaves it in the dust, getting stoned on excess. But make no mistake: He's still one hell of a filmmaker. Full Review

  • There's not quite enough oomph or style in the filmmaking to make you forget about the schematic nature of the dramatic construct. Full Review

  • Schrader and his cast commit to the project with sharpened and unblinking seriousness, even when the going gets mesmerically weird, with violence, visions, levitations and Neil Young protest songs chanted sombrely by toxic swamps. Full Review

  • Thoughtful, moving, overreaching and uncompromising, "First Reformed" is a tremendously tormented work. Ethan Hawke delivers a performance full of grace and sorrow in this powerful portrait of existential and spiritual despair. Full Review