Denzel Washington gives an Oscar-nominated performance in this drama about an alcoholic airline pilot who spectacularly crash-lands his plane after a mid-air catastrophe, saving every soul on board. Whip (Washington) is hailed as a hero after the crash, but questions arise as to who or what was really at fault when alcohol and drugs are found in his blood. Co-stars John Goodman and Don Cheadle. Directed by Robert Zemeckis (Forrest Gump).... More

After a 12 year absence from live action filmmaking, Zemeckis returns to directing a feature with real people (as opposed to CGI puppets), with his last one being 2000's Cast Away.Hide

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Twelve years after he disappeared down the CGI motion-capture rabbit hole with films like The Polar Express and Beowulf, uber-director Robert Zemeckis (Back To The Future; Who Framed Roger Rabbit; Forrest Gump) returns to live-action filmmaking with this big studio drama about alcoholism.... More

Although the film goes out of its way to shock us with scenes of Denzel Washington snorting cocaine and swilling vodka just before taking control of a passenger jet, there's a formality to the drama here that recalls old fashioned studio filmmaking while having a mild distancing effect, emotionally speaking.

Similarly, there's a self-conciousness to Washington's lead performance that prevented me from ever losing sight of the fact that He Was Acting.

Despite these factors, I still found Flight to be an extremely entertaining watch, if not a wholly empathetic experience. The thrill of watching Zemeckis' technical filmmaking brilliance once again unfold in a realistic setting sustained me throughout, there's a raft of awesome character actors present and the crash scene is worth the price of admission alone.

A degree of crossover between Flight at the post-rescue scenes in Zemeckis' last live-action film Cast Away exists – both feature a man caught up in a media maelstrom following an incident involving air travel. Like in the Cast Away scenes, the grandiosity of the events and emotions in Flight are constantly being articulated by the characters and are rarely left to be inferred by the viewer with any kind of subtlety.

But I believe there is a place for this kind of grand, obvious studio filmmaking, and Flight makes a good argument for the entertainment value of such films.Hide

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Not what I was expecting, a little bit slower than the normal pace of a Denzel Washington movie. On reflection I actually liked it more than I did when I left the theater, as this is one of those movies that grows on you slowly. Despite the trailer leading you to believe it is a nail biting airline movie, it isn't at all. It is a character study and a pretty good one at that.

BY adeej superstar

I went to this film as I'm a self-professed fan of airlines, airports and anything to do with civil aviation. I didn't expect the whole film to be about this topic, but I was surprised how little of the film was actually based around the plane crash. I can definitely understand now why this film has got an R16 rating, as it depicts some pretty full-on topics and there is some mild nudity. The main character (played by Washington), is a love-hate character - he's a hero for landing the plane,... More but he's a distinctly unlikeable soul, who is truly addicted to certain vices. The ending of the film is quite sad. All up, a rollercoaster ride of emotions, but not a film that I would want to see again or own at home.Hide

BY RealityCheck superstar

Movie about wasted captain of a commercial flight, doing his job. Craziness all around, loved the music and based on true story! Not just a good watch but most entertaining satire, bit too growth and drama for me, however great acting pulls it through, thanks to Washington & Goodman. Bet you'll think of this movie (much more than 'Airplane' series) next time you get onboard a flight!!
Genre : drama, real life
3/5 : not really my thing, but great watch, & I know I'll be thinking about... More the captain next time I fly.Hide

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  • Directing his first live-action film since 2000's "Cast Away," Robert Zemeckis paces it brilliantly, slowly ramping up the energy from hungover lethargy to coke-fueled confidence, while creating undercurrents of dread as Washington hits his stride. Full Review

  • A welcome return to live-action filmmaking for Zemeckis, who hasn't lost his knack for a brilliant shot or for extracting great performances. It may not exactly be a first-class experience throughout, but there's nothing wrong with premium economy. Full Review

  • Next to Gump, the film has the moral force of a George Steiner essay, but what lends it that force are not the carefully calibrated moral ambiguities of the script, but the bruised, defiant soul that appears to us in the form of Denzel Washington. Full Review

  • Even if you remove the questionable quasi-religious touches, Flight doesn't quite soar past its narrative limitations. There's plenty of virtuosity to go around here - just precious little transcendence. Full Review

  • Denzel Washington is aces as a commercial airline pilot who pulls off a miraculous mid-air stunt while flying with a 0.24 blood alcohol concentration, only to face his demons on the ground. Full Review

  • This absorbing drama provides Denzel Washington with one of his meatiest, most complex roles, and he flies with it. Full Review

  • From the nerve-ripping crash to Washington’s stinging portrayal of a boozy pilot, Flight finds Zemeckis back on track after his bumpy mo-cap ride. Full Review

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