Flushed Away

Flushed Away


From Aardman Animation, those behind Wallace & Gromit, their first CG animated film. 'Tis the tale of Roddy (Jackman), a Kensington house-mouse accidentally flushed down a toilet and into the verminous London underworld. Roddy is completely unprepared for the rough and tumble of life in the sewer. The underworld of 'Flushed Away' is two parts Eastenders to one part Guy Ritchie, with familiar landmarks constructed from garbage. Luckily for Roddy, he soon hooks up with a reluctant guide, a hippy rat voiced by Kate Winslet. Together, they have to defeat Ian McKellen's splendidly hammy toad villain and his coterie of French, kung fu frogs.

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This is so so so funny and so incredibly cute. I loved the mice and the singing slugs. Gosh Rita aka Kate Winslets character cracked me up

Aardman are great, but this is a bit Disney-fied for my liking.

THAT MOVIE IS AWSOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another quality childrens film - but still enjoyable for adults - from Aardman.

the slugs that sang were the bomb. we also liked the french kung fu frogs. it was sooooooo funny.the surfer rat was rad.

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  • BBC

    There are some uniquely Aardmanesque touches - a Greek chorus of singing slugs is a highlight - but Flushed Away feels heartless somehow. Perhaps because Aardman's creative supremo Nick Park isn't involved this time, or possibly thanks to the involvement of US giant Dreamworks, the film reads like an attempt to emulate the brash Looney Tunes energy of American toons like Shark Tale and Shrek. It's all perfectly professional, and the kids will love it, but grown-ups might find themselves missing Wallace and Gromit... Full Review

  • The best animated movie of the year and only a whisker shy of the brilliance of Wallace and Gromit... Full Review

  • Flushed Away lacks the action-contraption dottiness of a Wallace and Gromit adventure, but it hits its own sweet spot of demented delight... Full Review

  • While there is no doubt the humour and action have been created to appeal to a broader audience, Aardman has successfully retained its trademark traits, such as goofiness of character, a plasticine look, and inventiveness.<br /><br />What does suffer is the comedy. The droll English wit Aardman is renowned for surfaces occasionally, but there are noticeably fewer laughs compared with previous efforts... Full Review