Fool's Gold

Review: Fool's Gold

15 Feb 08

An appropriate title...

... for there is much promise in the film's stars but on closer inspection it's a total fake.

What's happened to the romantic comedy? Where are the modern day Hepburns and Traceys? It would seem they're dead and long forgotten, and this pair of dumb blondes are supposed to fill the vacuum.

Contrived dross with no heart or humour, the two essential ingredients for a romantic comedy. I should have read the Flicks reviews before I wasted 40 bucks and 2 hours taking the family to see it. McConaughey sleepwalks through it (half naked), Hudson stumbles through it (half baked), and Sutherland fakes his way through it with a ridiculous toff Brit accent... embarrassing.

The film lurches from stupidly coincidental contrivances to poorly motivated reactions. Slapstick can be funny but if you don't buy the characters it's just plain stupid.

The action/thriller "The Deep" has more laughs, and seems to be the inspiration for this piece of smelly fish bait. The Nolte/Bisset film is far more sexy and infinitely more romantic, both in its love story and the adventure of finding sunken treasure.

Don't wait for DVD. It's not even worth a rental.

Star rating should read -2... (they were both missing in action).