Freaky Friday (1976)

Freaky Friday (1976)


Annabel and her Mother are not quite themselves today - in fact, they're each other!

Disney "switch comedy" starring a young (and Golden Globe nominated) Jodie Foster. The titular freaky-ness sees a mother and daughter have their personalities switched (mum in her daughter's body, and vice cersa), and having to live each other's lives for a day.

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71% of critics recommend.
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  • Good performances struggle gamely to overcome the increasingly predictable plot. Full Review

  • Toward the end there are some amusing car-chase scenes. Elsewhere the humor is clotted by the feeling that the jokes are chasing the reactions, instead of the other way around. Full Review

  • Certainly one of the most offbeat films Walt Disney Productions has ever made, but it isn't one of the best. Full Review

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