Freedom Writers

Freedom Writers


Based on the true story of Erin Gruwell (a steely Hilary Swank), a first time teacher in California who inspired her racially divided students to overcome the racism, violence, homelessness and abuse in their lives. It's set shortly after the LA riots.... More

Interestingly, the story is taken from the actual journals of the students and the actors playing them are largely first time actors.Hide

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BY Brian1 superstar

definitly worth seeing.
You do get the feeling you've seen it all before as this, another in a long line of teacher beats the system" films.
Again, based on fact Hilary Swank give a convincing performance. As do all the supporting actors, particularly the students.

Report Card:
Assignment: A film on a true-life American teacher who inspired her no-hoper class to achieve big-time, by making works like "Diary of Anne FRank" relevant to them and by inspiring them to write journals on their street-scarred lives - hence the "Freedom Writers"
Acting: Excellence. Hilary SWank is thoughtful, impassioned, touching - in short, amazing. And the support cast of mostly non-professionals give their hearts and souls too. Imelda Staunton (Vera Drake) turns up... More as an unhelpful Head of department.
Writing/ Directing: Merit. Sure, some of it is corny and sentimental, but it mostly feels genuine. Good structure, too, by plunging us into one student's journal before we even get our bearings.
Summary: Go see it - a mainstream film with some genunine passion. They don't come along very often.Hide

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  • BBC

    Freedom Writers has its inspiring moments - especially given the true story - and some tense, dramatic scenes amid the speedy montages of confusing gang action. Swank's performance helps the medicine go down, too, making this a pleasant watch despite its indulgent length and sketchy characters... Full Review

  • Despite solid work from the engaging cast, there’s nothing new here to distinguish Freedom Writers as anything beyond a C+... Full Review

  • Freedom Writers is a cross between Michelle Pfeiffer's Dangerous Minds and the documentary Paper Clips, about an American High School's Holocaust project. Although this feel-good drama sounds like something you've seen before, it's a story worth seeing again... Full Review

  • Overall Freedom Writers is a noble effort. At a time when New Year's resolutions to change already are falling by the wayside, you can't help but be moved by a group of young people who followed through on their resolve... Full Review

  • The film is both too short and too long at two hours-plus. Not enough time is spent with the teens and far too much with their teacher... Full Review

  • In Freedom Writers Hilary Swank uses neediness to fine effect in a film with a strong emotional tug and smartly laid foundation... Full Review

  • It takes the bold approach of being earnest, honest and unafraid to be called naive. As a result, it's extremely affecting... Full Review