Friends with Benefits

Friends with Benefits


Romantic comedy in which Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis play two professionals too busy to settle down. They decide to step their relationship up a notch, while keeping it casual at the same time. Complications arise when Justin falls for Mila...

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It might have seemed like an inspired idea: a romantic comedy without the romance and all the sex, starring funny it-girl Mila Kunis and the guy who brought sexy back. But there’s little to find funny or sexy in Friends With Benefits, a film that aims to be fresh and comes off as a flimsy, forced fornication-fest for the Y generation. (For all the mentions of iPads, video blogs and flash mobs, why the abysmal ‘90s soundtrack?)... More

Easy A writer-director Will Gluck mocks Katherine Heigl films for being implausible and clichéd yet winds up committing the same cinematic crimes. For starters, the friendship between Kunis’ Jamie (who’s damaged) and Timberlake’s Dylan (afraid to commit) comes on stronger than a New York martini, any professionalism that might have preceded their meeting (she head-hunted him for a job at GQ) evaporating the instant they lie side by side on a New York rooftop. And whilst there are a few amusing moments during the sex scenes, written to be pragmatic rather than erotic, the couple’s emotional intimacy feels as forced as an actor and a pop star thrown together in a room with cameras in their faces. Nor does it help that JT spends the majority of the time in Kunis’ shadow, her effervescent performance giving this most of its sizzle.

Likewise, the mad side characters – Jamie’s flaky hippie mother (Patricia Clark), Dylan’s Alzheimer’s-affected dad (Richard Jenkins) and Dylan’s deranged gay workmate (Woody Harrelson) are clearly planted as convenient devices to get this supposedly platonic couple together. This ain’t a quickie either, the climax coming too late.Hide

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BY amc32 superstar

i'm getting sick of Timberlake. he seems a bit ubiquitous lately...SNL, social network, in time, this.

however Mila Kunis is always good. almost as good here as she is on family guy.

BY Ken-Burns superstar

There were a few laughs. Justin Timberlake was an unlikeable character which is a good move for him. Mila was a spunk. Great soundtrack

BY JayC4Shaw superstar

What can I say. predictable plot - definately. But Mila's and Justins chemistry reazlly sold it to me, as well as the fresh dialouge which definately made made laugh out loud at some stages. So yeah, worth a watch, and if you liked "no strings attached" you will love this one. Predictable though. But great!

BY morgana1972 superstar

Justin & Mila work well in this movie as a couple with everything that goes on in their world they grow together as friends & apart when she has to push him away, He wont hear of it & tries everything to get back with her....

BY PhilMoore superstar

This movie was about Jamie played by Mila Kunis and Dylan played by Justin Timberlake who meet when Dylan is looking for a job in New ork and Jamie is a head hunter helps him through the interview process. They decide to have sex with no complications. Just friends. This film has so many pop culture references its crazy. It also has all the cliches of a rom com. Having said that it was without a doubt one of the best rom com's of the year maybe of the last decade

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The Press Reviews

  • Romantic comedies - and this is one, in spite of its phony irreverence - turn largely on star power, and theirs is transcendent, whether they're casually trading one-liners on the streets or doing running commentary on their sexual escapades. They'd have been better off staying in bed. Full Review

  • The news about this movie is that it makes it clear that both Timberlake and Kunis are the real thing when it comes to light comedy. Full Review

  • This coasts along just fine thanks to charm and comical interludes, but it fails to deliver the sassy story it promises. Full Review

  • Goes a long way in bringing sexy back to a soggy genre, benefiting greatly from the presence of its likable leads. Full Review

  • Slipping a buff Justin Timberlake and a toned Mila Kunis between the sheets as the naughty but nice romantic pair turns the heat up considerably in this happily never after tale. Full Review

  • The results are about as naughty as that sounds (not very), but it also makes for a fairly giggling good time. Full Review

  • Sexy, fun and full of quotable zingers, if you see only one casual-sex-com featuring a Black Swan alumni this year, make sure it’s this one. Full Review

  • The raunchy premise here is just a smokescreen for the sort of squarely moralistic, altar-bound comedy of which even Jane Austen would approve. Full Review

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