Funny Cow

Funny Cow


UK comedy-drama charting the rise of a comedian (Maxine Peake, The Theory of Everything), set against a backdrop of Northern England working men's clubs in the '70s and '80s.

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  • Funny Cow is one of the best British features of the year so far: an abrasive, tender and continually surprising affair whose comic moments sit next to scenes of irredeemable bleakness. Full Review

  • This film is interested in the point where hate and humour meet. Its protagonist is a real cow. I loved her to bits. Full Review

  • It's...honest about the cesspools of knee-jerk racism and other forms of bigotry that passed for humour in the bad old days - some of which even the heroine dredges up to make her mark. Full Review

  • It's a tough, passionate and compassionate account of survival at all costs (what would you do, and say, to escape a desperate life?) and a troubling portrait of an unsavoury element of national character that still very much exists. Full Review

  • Somewhat melodramatic, but truthful, and the core relationships, themes and emotions that run through the film are wholly universal. Full Review

  • One of those intriguing but raggedy films that ultimately adds up to less than the sum of its promising parts... Full Review

  • There is no moral, and in the words of Jerry Seinfeld, there is no hugging, no learning. There is just a hypnotically belligerent performance from [Maxine] Peake, whose anti-heroine explodes like a firework, burning herself to an ashy crisp. Full Review

  • A fractured jumble of a fictional rise-to-fame (sort of) story that's held together by a powerhouse performance from Maxine Peake. Full Review