Review: Fury

08 Nov 14

A Furious Film

Just Two words...Bloody Brilliant!. Around the start of the year, I had written a review about the outstanding movie Lone Survivor, and by then I was certain that there was no war film or any 2014 film that could beat that brilliant movie. Well I ate my own words after watching Fury. At the start I wasn't too convinced I have to say with this new so called Brad Pitt epic war film, and too me, David Ayer didn't seem like the type of director that I would choose to direct Epic War films, mainly because Ayer hasn't directed that many movies. But how wrong I was after watching Fury. Ayer did an outstanding job at portraying the hell of war through the use of all the blood and guts and the horrors of war. And Brad Pitt... well what can I say about him, I thought he gave his best performance in this film after a lot of his films haven't really convinced me throughout his acting career, but after his performance in Fury, I can start to look forward to his films again. And with war being my favourite genre for movies, Fury certainly excited and thrilled and in some cases scared me with the horrors of war that Fury portrayed. Well done Fury, you have now just taken the number 1 spot on my list of favourite movies.