Gangster Squad

Review: Gangster Squad

21 Jan 13

not the best but not too bad

So I went to this movie expecting the worst and I have to say it really wasn't that bad.
Josh is a bad ass.
Emma is hot.
Ryan is hot.
Sean is maybe a bit too Dick Tracy.
Mireille is the same as she was in The Killing,
and the rest of the cast were cool.

Its not on the same level as the great gangster films of yester-year but its a more than ok action blockbuster.....more like a Boardwalk Empire styled movie than a Scarface-esque epic.

This movie won't be as good on a small screen so spend a buck and go see some Hot and Cool people doing some acting in your favorite cinema.

This is not the worst movie you will see this year....not by a long shot.