Garbage Warrior

Garbage Warrior

Garbage Warrior
A house made of beer cans, car tyres and plastic water bottles? Strange as it may sound, architect Michael Reynolds has built entire communities out of these very things. For over 30 years, Reynolds’ "earthships"have sprouted out of the New Mexico desert, relying upon only the earth’s natural resources to heat, cool, water and power them.

However, his unorthodox methods (subtext: the jaw-dropping narrow-mindedness of the authorities) get him disbarred from the American Architectural Association and sued to a standstill. Rather than give up, Reynolds is unflappable: he lobbies for the right to create a sustainable living test site in the state. Corporate and political filibustering thwart his plans; it takes a tragic natural disaster on the other side of the world to trigger an about-turn in state policy. [Source: NZFF08]
2008Rating: M, offensive language88 minsUK
Oliver Hodge (feature debut)
Michael Reynolds

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