Garfield 2: A Tail Of Two Kitties

Garfield 2: A Tail Of Two Kitties


The fat cat's back (pleasing to say, try it). Not just any cat, "America's favorite cat" - out of every single cat! But Garfield (voiced by Bill Murray) & pal Odie are elsewhere in this sequel - they're off to surprise minder-friend Jon Arbuckle (Brekcin Meyer), who is in London to propose to his girlfriend Liz (Jennifer Love Hewitt).

Also featuring the voice talent of Bob Hoskins, Jane Horrocks and Richard E. Grant.

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God I can't stand these Garfield movies, not once did I come close to laughing. I'm giving it two stars only because my kids liked it.

Everyone is a fan of Garfield, who glories in faults that most of us are struggling to overcome, such as selfishness and gluttony. The movie is filled with great one-liners, great sight gags, great characters, and a great story-line. It never lags, it's brilliant at every moment. Don't miss the opportunity to see it on the big screen so the family can savour every moment and laugh about it for weeks afterwards like we did. It's even better than Garfield one, and that's saying something!

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  • BBC

    Even at 78 minutes, though, Garfield 2 has all the energy of a dead mouse. Post-Four Weddings, meanwhile, it appears Hollywood can't get enough of us wacky Brits with our stuffy manners and sprawling country piles... Full Review

  • Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties is actually funnier and more charming than the first film... Full Review

  • The predictable plot and gags make you feel like you’re watching it in cat-years, but there are a few successfully silly set-pieces that will delight kids... Full Review

  • A genuinely clever kidpic that should delight moppets, please parents -- and maybe tickle a few tweens... Full Review