Girl (2018)

Girl (2018)


A 15-year-old girl, born in the body of a boy, dreams to become a ballerina and will push her body to its limits in order for her dream to succeed. This is Lukas Dhont's feature debut and was nominated for the Queen Palm at Cannes.

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  • Looks terrific, is not afraid to tackle a number of difficult subjects and features a star-making performance from acting and dancing talent Victor Polster. Full Review

  • An assured and empathetic feature debut, Lukas Dhont's Girl uses the discipline and rigour of ballet training to explore the journey of a transgender teenager and her relationship with her body. Full Review

  • How to stand out and blend in at the same time? Few films convey that tension better than "Girl," a deeply humane first feature from Belgian director Lukas Dhont about a boy who wants to be a ballerina. Full Review

  • An immersive, empathetic film that speaks the language of tolerance without getting preachy. Full Review

  • It feels exploitative, rather than empathetic. But it's the irresponsible handling of the film's final, shocking scenes that is the most problematic. Full Review

  • Having seen the film, this cis critic certainly wouldn't claim to understand the reality of life as a trans person. It makes me want to, though. Full Review