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M. Night Shyamalan brings together the narratives of Split and Unbreakable. Returning are Bruce Willis, James McAvoy and Samuel L.... More

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"M. Night Shyamalan brings together the narratives of Split and Unbreakable for this third film in his own slanted superhero universe. In his review, critic Tony Stamp says you've got to roll with the frustrations and strangeness to get to the genuinely entertaining stuff."

Flicks, Tony StampFlicks

"The movie, watchable as it is, is still a disappointment, because it extends and belabours the conceits of "Unbreakable" without the sensation of mystical dark discovery that made that film indelible."


"I left Glass feeling less annoyed by Shyamalan doing his thing than I may have in the past. It's actually a little fun to have him around again, demanding our awe."

Vanity FairVanity Fair

"This is clearly one 'for the fans', but those fans might have had their hearts set on a more rousing conclusion."

Total FilmTotal Film

"The Sixth Sense, still his only great film, is also a therapy psychodrama, but whereas that ghost story reckoned with bedrock matters of loss and child abuse, Glass assumes that we're all going to lean in at dialogue about comic books."

Time OutTime Out

"All this pseudish cultural analysis robs the story of its emotion. It's not the lack of action, it's the lack of feeling that's the problem."

The TimesThe Times

"I've always been a Glass half-full fan of Shyamalan, but this drab disappointment has shattered my faith."


"Though satisfying enough to work at the multiplex, it doesn't erase memories of the ways that even movies before the abjectly awful After Earth and The Last Airbender made us wary of the words "a film by M. Night Shyamalan.""

Hollywood ReporterHollywood Reporter

"...well made, well acted, gorgeously shot film that is worth a look, but for audience members invested in these stories, in these characters, it may prove a somewhat sluggish and deflating experience."


"Essentially a Split sequel with an Unbreakable topping, this is weaker than either of those films but still has a decent amount of entertaining and creepy sequences, most of them due to McAvoy's high-commitment performance."

Empire MagazineEmpire Magazine

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