Gloria (2013)

Gloria (2013)


Set in Santiago, Chile, this drama follows Gloria (Paulina Garcia in a Berlin Silver Bear-winning performance) - a 58 year old divorcée who has no desire to spend her days and nights alone. Determined to defy old age and loneliness, she rushes headlong into a whirl of singles' parties on the hunt for instant gratification...... More

As the hedonistic adventure leads to disappointment, she meets Rodolfo - an ex-naval officer seven years her senior to whom she feels romantically inclined. Gloria is gradually forced to confront her fondness of the bottle and her own family’s tense dynamic, whilst navigating the difficulties of her new-found romance, amid the constraints and demands of middle-aged life.Hide

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Sebastián Lelio’s funny, touching, splendidly acted character study Gloria shows up Hollywood’s inability to create realistic, compelling roles for middle-aged women. While Gloria, a free-spirited 58-year-old divorcee finding romance in Santiago, might turn up there in a watered-down rom-com as a shrilly doting, comically lusty harpy-type, Leilo affords her dignity and respect, warts and all.... More

She’s terrifically played by Pauline García, whose performance -- easily a candidate for the year’s best -- exudes a raw, nuanced, effervescent honesty as Gloria navigates the emotionally murky terrain of midlife malaise. Her kids are fully grown and independent, and she frequents singles nights at bars, content to booze and dance on her own, but her voracious appetite for seeking pleasure and adventure can’t quite overcome the ever-pervading sense of loneliness and the onset of cruel age-centric physical ailments like glaucoma. Enter Rudolfo (Sergio Hernández), a charming retiree who seemingly offers her another stab at love, but ultimately serves to further unravel her complicated persona.

Leilo’s outstanding direction and thoughtfully written screenplay, matched with Garcia’s committed performance, make Gloria one deceptively effortless, subtly endearing treat. Its refreshingly frank attitude towards sex manages to conjure passion from Old People Banging without sniggering, and better still, it never balloons into melodrama nor makes any excuses for Gloria’s behaviour, however off-the-rails she might get. She remains the bright, throbbing heart of the story throughout, earning the inclusion of Umberto Tozzi’s cheesy disco namesake at the end. It’s not just a quick patch of uplift to send audiences out on a high note -- she deserves it.Hide

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BY Kat2 grader

Aaron Yap does justice in his review to summise this film as a character study.
Gloria reveals the flaws in human nature and in relationships. It is an engaging and sometimes gritty portrayal of a woman who is all too often abandoned emotionally and physically: by her family, Rudolfo and nearly herself...but her mana resurfaces by the end.
Gloria defies what we could expect a "typical 58 year old single woman" to behave like...she is not sitting at home watching Coronation Street and sipping... More tea...she is in fact a woman behaving badly, taking risks and enjoying her own sexuality. This is an emergent stereotype that may be indicative of the times we live in as people experience break-ups at all ages and stages in their lives. This film explores one woman's experience.
The trailer for this film on this website is very misleading not go along to this film expecting to laugh as it has been wrongly categorised in the comedy genre, but is definitely more of a drama. Not wholly satisfying enough to rate with 5 stars but is worth viewing.Hide

This film was a waste of 110 minutes of my life. It is rubbish.

BY freshdude superstar

I'm in perfect agreement with Aaron Yap. Just read his review, it's spot on. And go watch GLORIA.

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  • Sticking tightly to its heroine's everyday routines and rituals, this deft blend of humour and pathos fully earns its defiantly upbeat dance-floor denouement. Full Review

  • Presenting a woman (magnificently played by Paulina Garcia) of undisguised sexuality seeking to be the center of life for the man she loves. Perceptive and unerringly sympathetic. Full Review

  • Most films past the mid-life point either don't acknowledge romance and sexuality... the frank, comfortable, yet warmly erotic way Gloria deals with it is a breath of fresh air. Full Review