Gone Girl

Review: Gone Girl

By Sulian
16 Dec 14

Wow I was scared

This is a film I took my Grandma to see because I was thinking it would be ok to see a Ben Affleck film and Grandma likes to watch him in some of the nice films he has done such as the one he made with his wife (I can't remember). wow I was wrong to take Grandma. It was so scary and I couldn't see how the jokes were funny I just felt scared an awful for poor Ben Affleck because she was not a nice wife to him and I don't enjoy that he stayed with her at the finish even if she was pregnant what kind of life will that poor baby have? It made me think to choose my boyrfriends wisely and not to rush in to anything to quickly. Grandma agreed but she said now we all wait to long to choose and there are then the same problems but only it takes longer lol thanks Grandma