Good Kill

Good Kill


Ethan Hawke and writer-director Andrew Niccol re-team a decade after Lord of War for this psychological examination of a US fighter pilot turned drone pilot.... More

As he is exposed to the war against the Taliban – from a safe vantage point with a remote control in hand – moral boundaries begin to bend and his desire to go back out into the field grows with it. Co-stars January Jones (Man Men), Bruce Greenwood (Star Trek) and Zoë Kravitz (Divergent).Hide

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76% of critics recommend.
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  • A searching, timely drama about the dehumanising effects of waging war at a distance. Full Review

  • Niccol creates an atmosphere that is airless and dull, an unusual tone for a modern war film, but one that fits the subject matter perfectly. Full Review

  • Niccol weighs the human toll on both aggressor and target with intelligence and compassion, while questioning whether technological warfare is inevitably destined to be an unending cycle. Full Review

  • Fraught and immaculate in its escalation of ideas and character friction... Full Review

  • Where Niccol succeeds is in creating an atmosphere of self-loathing, both for those manning the drones and the audience watching them work. Full Review

  • Disregard the arguments for and against drone warfare advanced in "Good Kill," and the movie still makes a persuasive case that our blind infatuation with all-powerful technology is stripping us of our humanity. Full Review

  • A sombre, intelligent drama that critiques Obama's ongoing drone policy while still positioning its button-pushing characters as tortured anti-heroes. Full Review

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