One of the most beloved of all musicals and for good reason. Befitting its genre, Grease is a wonderfully escapist spectacle that still maintains a sensitivity to real world concerns and the emotions of teenagers. It features irresistibly catchy songs and marries them to intricate choreography and just the right amount of kitsch aesthetic. Of course, there’s a crowd pleasing story of young love holding everything together.... More

John Travolta is the perfect choice as the lead, coming off the massive success of another beloved musical, Saturday Night Fever, in a role that cemented him as a sex symbol of that generation with all the right moves on the dance floor. Olivia Newton-John was an inspired casting as female lead Sandy, considering she was a relative unknown at the time.

After summer holidays, the kids are back at high school. The self consciously rebellious Danny’s (Travolta.) undisputed position at the top of the social pecking order comes under threat though when his chaste Aussie summer fling Sandy unexpectedly enrols as an exchange student. Young love is pitted against cliquey politics through some of the most memorable musical numbers ever.Hide

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  • No revival, however joyously promoted, can conceal the fact that this is just an average musical, pleasant and upbeat and plastic. Full Review

  • It's every bit the great songfest it's hailed as, with bucketloads of innuendo thown in behind some of the most energetic musical numbers ever to grace the inside of a movie theatre. Full Review

  • GREASE is not really the 1950's teen-age movie musical it thinks it is, but a contemporary fantasy about a 1950's teen-age musical—a larger, funnier, wittier and more imaginative-than-Hollywood movie with a life that is all its own. It uses the Eisenhower era — the characters, costumes, gestures and particularly, the music—to create a time and place that have less to do with any real 50's than with a kind of show business that is both timeless and old-fashioned, both sentimental and wise. The movie is also terrific fun. Full Review

  • Grease has got it, from the outstanding animated titles of John Wilson all the way through the rousing finale as John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John ride off into teenage happiness. Full Review