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Ryan Reynolds is Hal Jordan, aka DC Comics' superhero Green Lantern. Directed by NZer Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) and co-starring Taika Waititi and Temuera Morrison.... More

The Green Lantern Corps are protectors of peace and justice in the big wide universe - a small but powerful force that has existed for centuries, a brotherhood of warriors sworn to keep intergalactic order. Each Green Lantern wears a ring that grants him superpowers. But a new enemy has arrived: the Parallax. The Corps' fate and the fate of Earth lie in the hands of their newest recruit, the first human ever selected: Hal. Blake Lively (The Town, Gossip Girl) plays Hal's childhood sweetheart Carol Ferris.

The Green Lantern first appeared in All-American Comics, in 1940.Hide

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A point of difference for flashy blockbuster Green Lantern is the amount of cosmic fantasy. If Batman, Spider-Man and the X-Men are grounded in a recognisable reality, Green Lantern instead jettisons Earth for the distant planet of Oa, a place of glowing things, immortal martians and thousands of weird and wonderful beings that will make for good action figures.... More

Immediately this seems like a more kid-friendly outing. On the flipside, however, there’s some scary stuff involving psychological elements of willpower (green energy) and that of fear (yellow energy). It’s a bit reminiscent of Ang Lee’s Hulk: a mix of larger-than-life monsters and a hefty dose of the id.

There are no real surprises to be found, though, and aside from interesting design elements (Those of a more cynical bent might call it ugly, but let’s say kitschy), Green Lantern is largely a by-the-book origin tale. Ryan Reynolds feels jarring as the hero, he’s too self-conscious and glib to make an empathetic lead. There are plenty of small bit parts from the likes of Tim Robbins, Mark Strong and Temuera Morrison, but my favourite would have to be Peter Sarsgaard as the devious Hector Hammond. After being infected by alien juice, he’s also seemingly infected with a dose of hamminess; his brain growing to epic proportions, outgrowing his ridiculously receding hairline and making him ‘super evil’.

When it’s fun, it’s fun and the 3D is clear and effective, especially in action scenes involving malicious dust clouds or intergalactic travel. Green Lantern makes an effort to differentiate itself on an aesthetic level, but otherwise it’s what you’d expect – a special-effects bonanza following formula.Hide

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If you liked the fantasy, other planet sh*t in THOR - you'll like this. Directed by Martin Campbell in an uninspired, workmanlike fashion - this is all whizz-bang cgi and seen-it-all before superhero movie cliches. It's certainly fun and entertaining and the sense of humour saves it from being pretentious. Nowhere near as adult as Nolan's BATMAN - but nowhere near as lousy as Schumacher's BATMAN AND BOBBING - and my 5 year old loved it :)

BY Jade-Francis superstar

Movie was ok, storyline was a bit crappy, had a bunch of funny jokes. Was worth the money seeing ryan reynolds half naked, he is pretty HOT!

BY clararar superstar

Now, this really is one movie that doesn't deserve its low rating on RottenTomatoes (only 26% so far!). It's almost like the critics collectively agreed they had given enough gold stars for the year to superhero movies, and picked this one to reverse the trend. Sure, Green Lantern isn't gritty or packed with complex issues. However, it's also well-paced, appropriately-cast, and keeps you entertained throughout. Unlike the mind-numbingly relentless action in the Transformers series, there's a... More good mix of everything.

Ryan Reynolds is in his element for the way the character was written, while his character transformation lacks the gravitas of Chris Helmsworth's Shakespearean performance in Thor, it still comes across alright. It helps that his chemistry with Blake Lively doesn't seem too forced, and the obligatory balcony scenes have just enough humour to keep you engaged.

Of course, there are plenty of pitfalls as well (which is what the critics have latched onto) - you pretty much have to leave disbelief at the door, and not be bothered by the cheesiness of it all. The plot doesn't exactly hold any surprises either, and pretty much unfolds as you'd expect. However, the key is that the movie doesn't seem to take itself too seriously. Overall, if you don't have too high expectations (which I'm sure most wouldn't), it's a fun way to fill an evening.Hide

Thor and X-men: First Class achieved back-to-back superhero awesomeness (to much surprise), and DC's own outlandish superhero origin story attempts to add another "-to-back" to this year's quality comic book film season. Ryan Reynolds dons the ring adequately as cocky flyboy Hal Jordan and every minute on planet Oa is gloriously realised. Too bad we spend the majority of time on generic Earth watching generic relationships accompanied by generic Baywatch music. Still, there's enough pleasing... More action scenes to tide most over, including a kick-ass finale. While I may not've been amazed by this first entry, I'm dying for a sequel.Hide

BY Muzzamie nobody

I like the concept and the visuals on this movie are fantastic. Watched it in 2D and you could tell that some scenes were designed for the 3D audience rather than because it was a good storyline and action sequence. The story is by the book and lacks any twists. Still there are some scary moment so I won't be letting the young kids see it.
Some great moments made it a good night out - the homage to Superman movies, some great roles by the supporting characters and some great comedic moments.

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26% of critics recommend.
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  • Martin Campbell made Zorro and Bond work as contemporary heroes, but doesn’t quite have the feel for poor old Hal Jordan. Green Lantern is dazzling in pieces, but we’ve seen too many sharper versions of the superhero origin story in the last few years. It’s not Jonah Hex, but the battery runs low too quickly. Full Review

  • Serves up all the requisite elements with enough self-deprecating humor to suggest it doesn't take itself too seriously. Full Review

  • So it turns out, it's a film that might rack up a few Lightyears but it's without quite enough Buzz. Full Review

  • In a summer stuffed with superheroes, this underwhelming offering will likely leave you jaded. How it could have used some of Thor’s charm and The Green Hornet’s chutzpah. Full Review

  • I don't think The Green Lantern has enough to really stand out in the superhero crowd; it lacks the grittiness of a Batman, the everyman appeal of a Superman and the fun offered up by this year's Thor. Full Review

  • An attempt to infuse an earnest piece of comicbook lore with an irreverent, tongue-in-cheek sensibility yields decidedly mixed results in Green Lantern. Full Review

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