Green Zone

Green Zone


A thriller from the director of The Bourne Ultimatum, set during the US-led occupation of Baghdad in 2003, about a bunch of CIA agents and a warrant officer (Matt Damon) on the trail of certain weapons of mass destruction. A foreign correspondent (The Wire's Amy Ryan) follows their mission.... More

The film is based on the 2006 book Imperial Life in the Emerald City by journalist Rajiv Chandrasekaran and takes place in the 'Green Zone' – a 10-square-kilometer area in central Baghdad that is the centre of international forces in the city.Hide

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Do we like ‘message films’? I’m not such a fan but some might appreciate the seven-year-old sentiment expressed in Green Zone about the double standards and campaign of confusion set by American authorities in Iraq.... More

Paul Greengrass helms and his shaky-cam style used for his two Bourne movies makes another jiggly appearance. His direction is terrific. Seemingly unrehearsed as if the chaos is unfolding in front us, the action feels fresh, impromptu and effortless, as if the camera has just captured it accidentally. All the beats of the action are there and it’s easy to follow.

But despite best intentions, the frenetic visuals don’t quite mask the preachy tone of this project. It’s old news to any of us with even a passing interest in world events. The hunt for non-existent WMDs was big in 2003, but can it still hold a wow factor seven years later?

Plus, Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne was far more fun than his Sgt Miller. This military man is about as good-guy as you can get – a white, moralistic American with an unflappable desire to do the right thing.

This is a slick and polished action thriller. Damon and Greengrass push their agenda, no bad thing considering it will reach a big audience, but their revelations about the sneaky Yanks are not that surprising at all.Hide

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I loved this movie! - I wouldn't consider myself a major action/thriller movie fan - as they are all pretty predictable - but this film kept me on the edge of my seat - it didn't come across at all like the typical american whoo rah flick - definitely recommend it and will probably buy the dvd!

I was a bit hesitant before seeing this movie because the trailer wasn't much chop, but the movie was very good. Highly recommended. It was not the usual America self-congratulating nonsense.

I really enjoyed this movie. The story had a good pace and held my interest all the way while remaining consistent and fair minded. I was almost inclinded to give it 5 stars so I can't say I agree with the critics review at all. Nicely done without too much focus on bombs and explosions. Recommended.

I am not a supporter of the Iraq war (but do back the war against the taliban in afghanistan). However, Saddam deserved to die, i know an iraqi friend who is so glad that he is dead b/c of all the $#%! he caused to his own people (mass murder of kurds etc). Did you forget when he launched SCUD missiles into israel during the gulf war? When he took POWs and put them under iraqi military targets so that his resources wouldnt get bombed? When he tortured those guys? Sure war is not a 'fun' thing,... More its damn serious. But sometimes you have to fight so loony people like this so they dont use their power to wreak havoc around the world, and destabilise regions. Sure this destabilisation is an inevitable cause of war and the US invasion of iraq did have an impact some negative impacts (civilians dying, economy suffering) but it also removed an unstable dictator that killed his own people (kurds) in genocide, a man who wanted to remove israel from the globe. Should we sit back and let the hitlers of the world do what they please? I dont think so. And note this..almost all military servicemen dont want to go to war, they dont like leaving for duty knowing they might not see family and friends again. They're away protecting their nations 24/7 so that their citizens can sleep peacefully at night. I hope you realise that the people america is fighting (if they had the power) would gladly remove every non-muslim on the earth. That includes us.Hide

My title says it all.

I was looking forward to seeing THL after reading all the rave reviews, but was sorely let down as all it amounted to was a gigantic pile of American 'Fluff'.

This movie is by far the better option.
If you 'enjoy' (how can you?) war movies, and want 'entertainment' (war is NOT entertainment by any stretch of the imagination??) this will not dissapoint.
It makes you think (which is obviously something the leaders in Washington are unable of doing!!!!)

Five stars *****

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  • It is a thriller, not a documentary. It's my belief that the nature of the neocon evildoing has by now become pretty clear. Others will disagree. The bottom line is: This is one hell of a thriller. Full Review

  • Bourne goes epic. A wham-bam actioner, but its pointed political subtext ensures Damon and Greengrass deliver their most provocative mission yet. Full Review

  • Christopher Rouse's rapid-fire editing nervously stitches the stunts, chases, fights and confrontations together. It's a remarkable film. Full Review

  • Made with daring and passion, it attempts the impossible and comes remarkably close to pulling it off. So close, in fact, that the skill and audacity used, the shock and awe of this highly entertaining attempt, are more significant than the imperfect results. Full Review

  • When Mr. Greengrass made “United 93,” his 2006 reconstruction of one of the Sept. 11 hijackings, some people fretted that it was too soon. My own response to Green Zone is almost exactly the opposite: it’s about time. Full Review

  • Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass have been having all sorts of fun by subverting the pugnacious brand of "all-American boy" that Damon first made his name with, and reinventing the angsty moppet as something of a stalking horse for the liberal Left. Full Review

  • Once Damon's one-man truth squad goes off the reservation and starts behaving too much like Jason Bourne for comfort, the film begins not only spilling more blood but also leaking crucial credibility. Full Review