Don't get him wet, keep him out of bright light, and never feed him after midnight.

Joe Dante's classic 1984 comedy-horror about what happens when young Billy Peltzer inadvertantly breaks three important rules concerning his new and weird pet, Gizmo: no water, no food after midnight, and no bright light.... More

When water is accendally spilled on Gizmo, he begins to multiply and produces a number of mischievous brothers called Mogwai. When these new critters get hold of some food after midnight, they transform into malevolent, scaly monsters dubbed 'Gremlins' and unleash themselves on a small, unsuspecting American town.Hide

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  • BBC

    The backdrop of a picturesque snow-covered town at Christmas offers maximum potential for villainous amusement, and the Gremlins don't miss a trick. They're obviously film buffs, and take great delight in poking fun at some of the classic fare we can expect to see on Christmas TV. Just hope that you don't find any Gizmos under the tree. Full Review

  • At the level of Serious Film Criticism, it's a meditation on the myths in our movies: Christmas, families, monsters, retail stores, movies, boogeymen. At the level of Pop Moviegoing, it's a sophisticated, witty B movie, in which the monsters are devouring not only the defenseless town, but decades of defenseless clichés. But don't go if you still believe in Santa Claus. Full Review

  • Without giving away too much, suffice to say the creature spawns a townful of evil, snarling, drooling, maniacal killer-creatures who are bound to cause a lot of woe before their predictable downfall. Full Review