The 1979 adaptation of the cult Broadway musical of the '60s, Hair tells a story of Claude (John Savage), a naive farm boy from Oklahoma who comes to New York City. There he strikes up a friendship with a group of hippies and learns to "let the sunshine in". Their happiness is cut short, however, when Claude is inducted into the Vietnam war. Directed by Milos Forman (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest).

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89% of critics recommend.
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  • Everyone seems sincere and bursting with energy, yet there is a strange lack of conviction: Forman has taken the honorable route by refusing to treat the material as easy nostalgia, but the confrontational sentiments no longer have the substance to survive his straightforward presentation. Full Review

  • Forman and screenwriter Michael Weller brought a sense of coherence to the original freewheeling structure and Twyla Tharp's choreography imparted an infectious dynamism. But, the profanity, nudity and disregard for the fourth wall that had made the stage show such a sensation were lost in the translation. Full Review

  • A rollicking musical memoir, as much a recollection of the show as of the period, a film that has the charm of a fable and the slickness of Broadway show biz at its breathless best. Full Review

  • Hair succeeds at all levels-as lowdown fun, as affecting drama, as exhilarating spectacle and as provocative social observation. Full Review

  • The spirit and elan that captivated the Vietnam protest era are long gone, and what Forman tries to make up with splash and verve fails to evoke potent nostalgia. Full Review