Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters

Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters


Classic tale, new twist.

Comedy-horror adventure, taking its cue from the Brothers Grimm fairy tale. 15 years after their traumatic near-eaten experience, Hansel (Jeremy Renner, The Hurt Locker) and Gretel (Gemma Arterton, Prince Of Persia) take up arms to purge the world of witches. Helmed by Tommy Wirkola (maker of Nazi zombie flick Dead Snow). ... More

Grown-up and fiercely skilled, the siblings are hell-bent on witch retribution. But as the notorious Blood Moon draws near and a group of witches led by the evil sorceress Muriel (Famke Janssen) prepare a ritual sacrifice of innocent children, the pair encounter evil beyond anything they’ve ever hunted. Co-stars New Zealand's pure-bred stunt-mistress Zoe Bell (Death Proof) as one of the witches with a bounty on her head.Hide

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With fatigue long since having set in on the kind of commercially-friendly, Tim Burton-derived retro gothic whimsy that motivates major studios to fund movies like this, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters was always going to have to do something special to distinguish itself from the bland likes of Alice In Wonderland and Snow White and the Huntsman.... More

Some degree of effort has clearly been made to set the film apart, and it's never boring, but it also never gets beyond averagely good.

A mild Sam Raimi-esque playfulness enlivens proceedings for the most part, and some fun is had with a fanboy character who nerdishly worships the witch-destroying siblings. He is played by Project X's Thomas Mann, accepting the baton for these types of characters from Justin Long, who would've played this role ten years ago.

Going into this movie, I was very intrigued to see how they would portray the fabled gingerbread house of the source material. Here was an opportunity to do something really cool with on-screen candy overload. Alas, they fudged it.

And there is the fact that they decided to make this an R-rated movie, which means we get boobs, F-words and a couple of grisly witch dispatchings. More often than not, potentially awesome mainstream movies cut off their own balls trying to AVOID an R-rating and thus access a wider audience, but the decision to gear this film specifically to young adults doesn't really add anything of note. Except for the boobs.

This can serve as a mindless alternative to the current surfeit of heavy Oscar movies, but don't expect anything too great. Plus I kept waiting for a "He's so hot right now" Zoolander/Hansel joke that never came.Hide

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BY wobbit superstar

Lousy plot, dialogue so so.. What next? Jack n Jill Pyschopaths??

BY Roo grader

Interesting twist on the Grimm fairy tale, nice to see some thing different done with the classic. Quite a readable story line, no surprises, some excellent graphics and make up effects.I don't know about the choice of actors either seems that Jeremy Renner just plays the same role over and over again

The Press Reviews

  • All that's missing is a genuine sense of wit. Full Review

  • For all the perspiration in jazzing up an old yarn, there's not a whiff of originality in how Wirkola engages with the perverse pleasures enshrined by the Grimm brothers. Full Review

  • There isn't much swashbuckling chemistry between Mr. Renner and Ms. Arterton, and the script doesn't give them enough of the witty lines that can elevate these types of movies to must-see status. Full Review

  • Rarely provokes any strenuous eye-rolling, it also can't drum up even the slightest interest in the fate of its characters, let alone suspense. Full Review

  • The grim heroes don't have a nuance or more than a hint of emotion between them, and the same goes for the film around them. Full Review

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