Happy Feet

Happy Feet


In this Antarctica, penguins value conformity and have strict regulations regulated by the elders. Penguins are expected to have singing voices, they’re singing folk. But young Mumble (Wood) is unable to string a couple of notes together. Mumble's mom (Kidman) doesn't mind her son's eccentricity, but his dad (Jackman) complains that "it just ain't penguin." Mumble is eventually exiled by the high priest (Weaving). ... More

And so begin Mumble's wanderings about the icy continent, riddled with unknown dangers. Though he does finds buddies in Mexican-accented penguins fronted by Ramon (Williams, who does several voices), who are wowed by his swift feet. Their odyssey briefly reunites Mumble with his own penguins. But there, the fish supply has suddenly halted and Mumble sets out again, this time for the "Forbidden Shore" to find answers.Hide

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Loved this movie, didn't really like penguins until I saw this.

I liked the animation in this movie...they went all out to do an excellent job.

With the soundtrack I was expecting more neutral songs but they seemed aimed at adults and the content of most of them were a little to sensual to put into a kids movie.

The last track in the soundtrack (Story of Mumble) was all instrumental and very well done.

I was a bit wary at first, but was won over by the music and cute characters. But the environmental meaaage at the end was a bit tacked on- otherwise I would have given it 5 stars.

An excellent film for the family which is a bit let down by the last 15 minutes being to involved for the younger viewers. But thanks to a great cast and choice of music for the loveable animated penguins to tap dance to, the adults will enjoy this film as much as the children.


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  • Small kids will love the waddlesome dancing and colourful animation, but older viewers will likely be disturbed by the story’s darker elements... Full Review

  • This animated all-penguin musical is terrific fun... Full Review

  • No film with as many elements as Happy Feet is successful with all of them, and the romantic-emotional elements of this story feel overly familiar. But the music and dancing are fresh and new, and this strong an ecological message has not been seen since Hayao Miyazaki's "Princess Mononoke"... Full Review

  • Happy Feet is not only the year's best animated movie, it's one of the year's best movies, period. Go... Full Review

  • Yes, it looks wonderful, starts out with an infectious energy and is clever in its music choices. But its story is overstretched, prone to distraction and too earnest for its own good. It's equally eye and ear-catching but exhausting... Full Review

  • While compromised by the uplift and affirmation that mainstream animation regurgitates like a mommy penguin, it also shows a remarkable persistence of vision. Even in a story about singing-and-dancing fat and feather, Mr. Miller can’t help but go dark and deep... Full Review

  • One of the very best directed animated films on record. Not surprisingly from the force behind the "Babe" movies, the attention to detail is phenomenal, the humor ample... Full Review