Heat Wave (Coup de Chaud)

Heat Wave (Coup de Chaud)

(Coup de Chaud)

When a heat wave strikes, a mentally handicapped man's normally tolerable behaviour becomes the bane of the village in this French-Belgian crime thriller.... More

When a heat wave strikes a small village in the South of France, water grows scarce and the people grow wary. A mentally challenged young man named Joseph's (Karim Leklou) never-ending antics are becoming, in such fraught context, something of an intolerable inconvenience. The mayor tries desperately to calm things down but nothing seems to be going too well...Hide

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BY freshdude superstar

The script is inspired by a news item that took place in the native region of director Raphaël Jacoulot. He skilfully relies on this fact to take us into an intrigue whose first images reveals the tragic ending, and sets the tone of the film. The spectator finds himself drawn into a tense story in which the countryside seems more oppressive than you'd ever thought possible. The village is the cradle of all imaginable meannesses. The camera poses a voyeuristic glance on each of the... More protagonists, while revealing, with parsimony, the mingled secrets, bitterness and jealousies. With mastery, the director leads the audience on the same false tracks where the villagers engage, from the most vindictive to the most reserved.
The point of the film is not the resolution of the crime, but the patient observation of the rise of intolerance in seemingly respectable people.Hide

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  • ...offers up some low-key psychological thrills but fails to deliver in its final stretch, toeing the line between familiar genre tropes and social miserablism. Full Review