Helen Kelly: Together

Review: Helen Kelly: Together

13 Feb 20

A movie about Helen Kelly living

When I sat down to watch this movie, knowing that it was about the last year of Helen Kelly's life, I expected that I would see a movie about her death. But it was not at all like that! It was a move about her living, right up until her hospice bed ... from which she was still organising people to rally and protest!

I was very impressed with Tony Sutorius' film-making. One thing which was really striking for me was that Helen's husband said that he did not want to be part of the film. Despite the fact that you KNOW he MUST have been right by her side the whole time she was dying, we never saw him. Such sensitive film-making, and yet so strong!

Go and see it; you will be impressed by Helen's strength. I didn't know much about her before seeing this, and I was blown away by it.