Her Smell

Her Smell


Two-time Golden Globe winner Elisabeth Moss (TV's The Handmaid's Tale) plays a self-destructive punk rocker trying to reclaim her band's previous wonder years while also attempting to stay sober in this manic music drama from writer-director Alex Ross Perry (Listen Up Philip).

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  • Elisabeth Moss... channels a combination of Courtney Love and Heath Ledger’s Joker with her spiteful, slowly imploding rock star. Full Review

  • Becky sustains such an abusive, mad, pathetic and immature display for well over an hour that you just want to bolt. Full Review

  • It’s truly one of the most noxious movies ever made, which might help to explain why it’s also Perry’s best. Full Review

  • What resounds is not merely the sense that Moss is great, but the sense that we've barely scratched the surface of what she can do. Full Review

  • Once you're in there, you go with it. Elisabeth Moss's commitment, and the burnished bravura of her talent, pull you through. Full Review

  • Some may not have the stomach for it, and yet Moss's oscillating, energy-devouring performance and the real-time composition of Perry's scenes make it almost impossible to look away. Full Review

  • Over and above the furious-and ultimately painfully tender-drama, Perry achieves something of a new, grand version of his own cinematic music. Full Review