He's Just Not That Into You

He's Just Not That Into You


Based on the big selling self-help manual, He's Just Not That Into You is a comedy about the miscommunications in romantic relationships.... More

The stellar ensemble cast includes Jennifer Aniston, Scarlett Johansson, Ben Affleck, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Connelly and Ginnifer Goodwin - that's mega wattage star power. Maybe they blew their budget on pretty faces, because the writers enlisted to adapt their book have Never Been Kissed as the biggest title on their resumes. Director Ken Kwapis has been heavily involved in Malcolm in the Middle and the American The Office though.Hide

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It’s perhaps Freudian that I was talking to someone about this film and they misheard it as He’s Just Not That Interesting. On reflection, none of the guys in this multi-stranded relationship movie are that interesting. Not Ben Affleck as the marriage-shy guy who's just been given an ultimatum by longtime girlfriend Jennifer Aniston. Nor Justin Long as the cynical bar manager who dishes out dating advice to the cute serial stalker Ginnifer Goodwin. Not even the sorta happily married music exec Bradley Cooper who's tempted to cheat on his wife Jennifer Connelly by the sultry yoga teacher/wannabe singer Scarlett Johansson while she rejects the smitten realtor Kevin Connolly who is sold ads by the lovelorn Drew Barrymore. Oh yeah, and the girls are pretty dull too.... More

As well as all these lover-crossed stars, there's a random Kris Kristofferson thrown into the mix (as a dad not a dater, thankfully). But all the star wattage in the world isn't enough to rescue the overly sappy, unfunny script. Based (loosely) on the eponymous self-help book, He’s Just Not That Into You is unlikely to help anyone but the most desperately dateless. While most girls have listened to friends agonise and over-analyse their prospective boyfriends, that doesn't mean we want to watch other people do it for over two hours.

Reviewed by Margaret Agnew - Margaret's day job is chief film reviewer for The Press newspaper, she also writes the film blog Reeling.Hide

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Kate. I've never seen so many grammatical errors in one short sentence. True, the movie was very bland (as are most Hollywood productions), but why bother posting such nonsense. The word 'retarded' was very apt for you.

I loved this movie. And i love farms

i know why it was rated 2 stars by the flicks review, simply, this movie has in away touched the reality of todays relationships, which hurts( most women) and i really feel sory for how things are not going right for women these days(sory for generalisation too). but why???
i totally agree with you Josh.
and Kate i hope you are satisfied and happy with the successful career you have.

iloved te movie...it was sooo good...
everyone should watch it

If your retarded and live on a farm its great and If your not its not.

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  • All of this results in way too much relationship chatter and not nearly enough comedy, romance or even dysfunctional relationships. We want to laugh -- but at what? Full Review

  • The result is a bit like a weightless swirl of cotton candy with a mere second of sweetness before it dissolves on your tongue. But then there's nothing wrong with cotton candy, and besides, the filmmakers never promised more. I guess they're just not into that. Full Review

  • Whenever faced with another puerile movie ostensibly about women, I play a little game called What Would Thelma and Louise Do? Full Review

  • No one has anything to distract them from the minutiae of their love lives, which they proceed to incinerate through overanalysis. It's a moral fable, maybe, if you make half a million a year. Full Review

  • If all you ask for is a few gay jokes, a perky score, pretty shots of Baltimore, and some clever but callow observations of sexual mores in the city, He's Just Not That Into You is an amiable enough night out. Full Review