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Heavily composed of archival footage, this feature delves deep into the filmmaking mind of Alfred Hitchcock – locked in discussion... More

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Hitchcock/Truffaut is available to stream in New Zealand now on... More YouTube and Google TV and Apple TV Store and AroVision.

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"As far religious tomes on cinema go, Hitchcock/Truffaut ranks up there with the most essential. The 1966 publication, resulting from a series of interviews with Hitchcock conducted by French New Wave director François Truffaut, is the basis for Kent Jones’ engaging, though not terribly revealing documentary."

Flicks, Aaron YapFlicks

"Accessible yet intelligent, the 80-minute docu should reward institutional retrospectives and homevideo viewing alike."


"For all his bankability, Hitch was underappreciated until this study came along. Jones vibes off that idea, turning Truffaut's enthusiasm into an honourable act of reclamation."

Time OutTime Out

"Mr. Jones fashions an unfaltering encomium that's entirely free of the highfalutin monologues that might deter noncinephiles."

The New York TimesThe New York Times

"A tribute to a pioneering act of cinephilia, cinema criticism and living ancestor worship."

The GuardianThe Guardian

"A rigorous and entertaining look at how Hitchcock managed to deliver his own delicate and dark obsessions in a package that thrilled audiences all over the world."


"Kent Jones' doc on the groundbreaking interview book gets you drunk on Hitchcock's films again. Nirvana for movie lovers."

Rolling StoneRolling Stone

"The fact is that Hitchcock made some of the poorest movies of his career after "Hitchcock/Truffaut'' vaulted him to the top of the pantheon - but you wouldn't know it from this documentary, aimed at newcomers to Hitchcock's work."

New York PostNew York Post

"Will be a top draw wherever films about filmmakers are welcome."

Hollywood ReporterHollywood Reporter

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PG, Violence, coarse language and sexual references
Country of origin
France, USA

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