Hitman: Agent 47

Hitman: Agent 47


Emmy-nominated actor Rupert Friend (Homeland) is popular videogame hitman Agent 47 in this movie adaptation (not connected with the previous 2007 version). This completely new story sees the genetically engineered professional assassin attempting to silence a massive corporation looking to unleash the secrets of his creation – as well as their own army of similar superhumans.

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I think this trilogy has great potential. With a very average script it wasn't what I was expecting. I don't know what I was expecting but not an average movie. Maybe they need a better director with a bit more imagination and creativity. The action scene's and script was all highly predictable. For a hitman that's not good. Now where's my console?

BY KimLewis lister

Abysmal movie through and through. Poor writing, plot, cringe-worthy acting and an all around mess. There's really nothing redeemable about this movie, save your money and give this one a miss.

BY nihikaza grader

The Hitman: Agent 47
A film with action , its thrilling , fast pace , exciting and Rupert Friend plays the role very well. I loved it

BY RealityCheck superstar

The Hitman : Agent 47
Reboot from 2007 with that guy that looks like Orlando Bloom, but it isn’t. Action is a CG must in this for some reason, with nods to ‘Wanted’ (in so many ways), ‘Leon the Professional’, ‘Abduction’, Hannah’, ‘Jumper’ & 'Max Payne’ if it was a little better in the story sense I’d say like ‘Sin City’ but it isn’t, so I won’t. I really enjoy the 2007 version & I felt this was a little more action than it needed to be, covering with some... More ‘Ronin’ scenes to make you forget about the story. Just me, or was it weird watching Sylar again too.
Genre : Action, Adventure, following your path (quoting Batman “it’s our actions that define us”)
4/5 : I did enjoy it & flowed well, but don’t expect too much of it.Hide

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  • What to call it, exactly? The 47th best action film of 2015? A feature-length Audi commercial, or a promo reel for the Singapore Tourism Board? The most unnecessary artistic contribution ever made by someone named Bach? Full Review

  • Turns out to be exactly the kind of fast-paced, mind-numbing thriller that studios churn out to fill screens during the dog days of summer. Full Review

  • An idiotic mess with a bafflingly dense prologue, an endless final battle, lifeless performances and anticlimactic twists, but it does have a degree of visual flair. Full Review

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