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Average Documentary

This movie was a documentary and not quite good enough to go on our large screens. It should have featured on TV. Too much forwarding of the story by talk from the father and not enough dramatisation leaving the audience feeling a bit robbed. The war story itself could have been more interesting, especially using info in regard to him having relationships with other women. Gaylene Preston should have used an actress rather than herself as she looked the same age as her father. Not enough use of how they got back together, lose ends were not tied up. Not enough dialogue from Henderson and Tui when they were reunited? Honestly you would actually talk to one another when you see each other after 4 years. Good parts are the fact that Preston told a kiwi story, would have been nice to talk to her father's friends and get their accounts too. I admire her effort in the movie, but it didn't quite reach the heights of expectation.

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