Honey Boy

Honey Boy


A child TV star tries to mend his relationship with his alcoholic father over a decade in this drama starring Lucas Hedges and Shia LeBeouf. LeBeouf also contributes the screenplay which is loosely based on his own life. Nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance.... More

"When 12-year-old Otis (Hedges) starts to find success as a child television star in Hollywood, his ex-rodeo-clown father returns to serve as his guardian. When Otis isn’t on set charming audiences, he spends his days with his father at an extended-stay motel on the edge of the city, enduring his overbearing father’s abuse. Honey Boy follows two threads of time, watching father and son's contentious relationship and their attempts to mend it..." (Sundance Film Festival)Hide

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  • Weaving together two separate timelines, filmmaker Alma Har'el (of the arty documentaries Bombay Beach and LoveTrue) gives LaBeouf's vulnerable exercise a purposely unruly shape, mapping the chaos of addiction with guts and style Full Review

  • What results is a harrowing, violent, emotional film in which LaBeouf is clearly (and admirably) baring his soul. Full Review

  • A sensitive, sincere portrait of a child actor's dysfunctional upbringing and its devastating fallout. Full Review