Hope Springs

Hope Springs


Sometimes to keep the magic, you need to learn a few tricks.

Comedy-drama starring Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones as a couple trying to reignite their 30 year marriage with an intense weekend of marriage and sex therapy, courtesy of a relationship guru (Steve Carell). From the director of The Devil Wears Prada.... More

Kay (Streep) wants to reconnect with her cantankerous husband (Jones) and persuades him to meet with Dr Bernie Feld (Carell). Attending his sessions in the seaside town of Great Hope Springs, the couple have to endure the intrusive counselling, drop their bedroom hang ups, learn some new manoeuvres and rediscover their joie de vivre.Hide

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No doubt any marriage that has lasted 31 years is a deep vein of emotional drama, but Hope Springs fails to mine that rich source with either sensitivity or humour. It attempts to be a relatable chick flick for the gold card crowd, but the characters are so one-dimensional and cliché that most baby boomers will find this portrayal of their generation insulting.... More

Doting wife Kay is the character equivalent of a potato sack. If anyone can make that look good, it’s Meryl Streep but even the grand dame of cinema barely manages to render insipid in an interesting way. Kay is a boring housewife from boring middle America. Every morning she makes boring bacon and eggs for her boring husband who doesn’t appreciate them, when what she really wants is some spice in the sack. Tommy Lee Jones in gruff hubby mode is slightly more watchable, slouching through his daily routine like a gorilla with a sore head.

When the film finally relocates from suburban monotony to a picturesque seaside village (with the horribly on-the-nose name Great Hope Springs) it slides into another rut. In a series of couch sessions, Kay and Arnold gradually divulge their marriage problems to Steve Carrell, whose comedic ability is utterly wasted as the couple’s benign and sympathetic therapist. Further aggravation arrives when emotional scenes are supposed to take hold, director David Frankel giving us a shove by hammering the moment with an overbearing, easy listening soundtrack.

Kay suffers from menopausal angst. As the years advance she’s realising that, despite her expectations, things may never get any better. I had the same sensation watching this film.Hide

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BY Brian1 superstar

Yes, I suspect many will recognise aspects of life as portrayed in this movie.
Worth seeing, reasonably funny and a little thought provoking.

BY BrionyJae superstar

This film took your typical rom-com, and tipped it on its head. And it succeeded! There were just so many refreshing elements of this film, with the storyline continually going against the norm. Even to the point where I actually believed there wouldn't be a happy ending! (There was, of course. One cliche had to be kept ;D) I just felt myself being charmed by both Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones - they both brought their characters to life in a way that made connecting with them completely... More natural. I personally enjoyed seeing Steve Carell in a more serious role, although his humourous streak was definitely there underneath it all, which I think was deliberate. The thing that struck me the most about this film, though, was the scenes that were just so awkward and realistic - those scenes gave the film an extra edge, tilted the tone just slightly to make it completely more meaningful than your average rom-com. Really well done! :)Hide

BY Weds_Loafers superstar

This week 8 of us (6M, 2F) went to see "Hope Springs". The movie features Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones and Steve Carrell, all playing roles outside their normal comfort zone. Most of the scenes take place in 3 locations only - the family home of 31 years, the couple counsellor's office and the motel where Kay and Arnold are staying in the town of Hope Springs (a propitious name!).
Despite usually reacting badly to movies that are just vehicles for big names, we all had the same reaction this... More time. This is a very enjoyable movie and all 3 stars are well cast. Tommy Lee Jones, in particular, plays his part to perfection. Worth seeing for his performance alone.
We all gave it 4 stars with 1 score of 4.5. Overall then, a solid 4 stars. Enjoy!Hide

BY Chonny nobody

Actors were great but the story was a bit slow, it did have its funny moments though and kept me entertained. The was a bit much sitting around doing nothing to keep this movie really entertaining.

BY GrahamP superstar

I am having trouble writing this review.
It will appeal to some with laugh out loud moments which I enjoyed.The adult comedy was very good.The success of the film depended on the casting of the charactors.Both Streep and Jones do a very good job and carried the story well.
On the other side it was dull at times with many visits to the therapist.Steve Carell was playing a serious and intelligent counselor.
Some will enjoy it a lot while it may not appeal to others.Go and make up your own mind.

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74% of critics recommend.
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  • The reason to see it is for Jones. This man who can stride fearlessly through roles requiring strong, determined men, this actor who can seem in complete control, finds a character here who seems unlike any other he has played and plays it bravely. Full Review

  • Hope Springs dares viewers to look closely at the remarkable sight of naked adult intimacy and its discontents. Full Review

  • More comedic drama than midlife romantic comedy, rather literally titled Hope Springs holds few surprises but delivers plenty of warmth. Full Review

  • If you're not in that demographic, don't dismiss it. You'll miss out on a genuinely sweet, perfectly acted, remarkably brave little movie that should make audiences swoon for something they thought was gone - a smart dramedy for grown-ups. Full Review

  • The movie is an awkward cross between a domestic comedy and a marital tragedy that's laced with laughs, soggy with tears and burdened by a booming, blunt soundtrack that amplifies every narrative beat. Full Review

  • When the sing-song Jones and beatifically smiling Streep are allowed to carry the dramatic weight, you can see the raw, tough-love film that Hope Springs wants to be - until Frankel starts trying to be lighthearted and cute, at which point you see the movie's real troubled marriage in full bloom. Full Review

  • Hope Springs is an altogether pleasant surprise: a mainstream dramedy that frankly and intelligently addresses the challenges facing a couple after 31 years of marriage. Full Review

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