I Am Legend

Review: I Am Legend

27 Jan 08

I could have been legend

As a pure entertainment 'I Am Legend' filled the bill, but, after having seen it's trailer, I was hoping for more.
Films like this rely on the audience suspending belief and taking the ride, but I think the viewer can have a fuller experience when things are more believable, and this is when critisism of the CGI comes in. What ever happened to good special effects make up? Call me old fashioned but these were meant to be ex- human creatures after all, does no one remember films like 'American Werewolf in London', with it's rotting corpses. Bring back the make up artist I say.
As for Will Smiths performance, it seemed a little posed rather than processed. What seems a stand out performance quickly leveled out in scenes with other actors, and a couple of times he was up staged by the dog.
New Zealanders should take a look at 'The Quiet Earth' and our own Bruno Lawrences stand out performance as the last man on earth to see what could have been done with this role. A great example of less is more.
I Am Legend

I Am Legend

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