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I Am Mother

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Sci-fi thriller sees a teenage girl (Clara Rugaard) raised underground by a robot 'mother' (voiced by Rose Byrne) designed to repopulate the earth following an extinction event. Their unique bond is threatened when a stranger (two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank) inexplicably arrives with alarming news.

2019Rating: M115 minsAustralia
Science FictionThriller

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Flicks, Steve Newall

Flicks, Steve Newall

Black Mirror isn’t the only gloomy technological future new to Netflix this week. I Am Mother sets out a less satirical, if no less pessimistic, stall—set in a repopulation facility after an “extinction event”. There, a young woman (Daughter) is raised by a robot (Mother), the mechanical caregiver learning parenting one-on-one before reviving humanity from the vast store of embryos Daughter herself originated from.

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I Am Mother is available to stream in New Zealand now on Netflix.