I Don't Know How She Does It

I Don't Know How She Does It


Sarah Jessica Parker stars in this romantic comedy as Kate, a Boston-based working mum juggling marriage, her kids and a high-stress job as a finance executive. Based on Allison Pearson's best selling 'chick lit' novel of the same name.... More

The perfect storm hits when Kate gets a big promotion that will require frequent trips to New York and her architect husband (Greg Kinnear) also wins the job he'd been hoping for. Both are spread even thinner and priorities become blurred. Further complications arise when Kate's charming new business associate Jack (Pierce Brosnan) begins to prove an unexpected source of temptation.Hide

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BY Gerd superstar

A society which dumps there old citizens out of the ambulance onto the sidewalk to die should have other problems than those of a handful of rich creeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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17% of critics recommend.
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  • The humour has become broader and the central character softer, but, in Parker’s nimbly comic performance, she retains her essence. Full Review

  • Though it aims to be a sharply humorous look at the mommy wars, it has nothing remotely new or comical in its arsenal. Full Review

  • Feels out of step with contemporary reality and humorless in its adaptation of a comic bestseller. Full Review

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