Identity Thief

Review: Identity Thief

By Moose
24 Apr 13


I have to agree with Adam's review for FLICKS...I can really only give this movie 2 stars I'm afraid.

I was looking for a few good laughs...and given the cast and the plot scenario I expected to snort coke up my nose (cola I mean) or choke on my popcorn with laughter at least once or twice...but that never eventuated.

Loved Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids...but sadly she didn't hit the mark in this one. I think I managed to raise a smile at one point, but all in all the comedy was a bit one dimensional and even the physical comedy wasn't great.

Plot was unbelievable, but would have forgiven that if the acting and interplay between the main characters was funnier. Unfortunately it wasn't.

2 stars, I suggest you give it a miss.