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In Darkness

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Oscar-nominated Polish WWII drama based on the true story of a sewer worker's increasing dedication to save 14 Jews in the Nazi-occupied city of Lvov.  More

Leopold Socha, a sewer worker and petty thief in Lvov, a Nazi occupied city in Poland, encounters a group of Jews trying to escape the ghetto. He hides them for money in the labyrinth of the town’s sewers, beneath the bustling city above. What starts out as a straightforward and cynical business arrangement turns into an unexpected alliance between Socha and the Jews, as the enterprise seeps deeper into Socha’s conscience.

2011145 minsPoland, Germany, France, CanadaPolish, Ukrainian, Yiddish and German with English subtitles
DramaWarWorld Cinema
Agnieszka Holland ('Europa Europa', 'Oliver, Oliver', 'The Secret Garden')
David F. Shamoon
Robert WieckiewiczBenno FürmannAgnieszka GrochowskaMaria Schrader

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