In the Shadow of the Moon (2008)

Review: In the Shadow of the Moon (2008)

03 May 08

Personal stories of the great adventure of the century

While this movie will never convince certain people of the veracity of the tale, for those who are interested in the story of the men who went to the Moon and returned this will be entertaining, eye-opening and sometimes puzzling.

Visually stunning, remastered NASA and television footage come sto life to capture the various fads of teh decade-long buildup to the lunar landing - Not dry in any way, this combined with the garroulous (In the main) storytelling of the actual men involved with one notable exception makes for a very effective story which needs no narration and has none apart from precise subtitles.

To have heard from other astronauts would have been more satisfying in some ways - but the revelations of certain unheard-of facets of the lunar program are worth a lot. On the whole, one gets the idea that this was an achievement by men and women who belieived in what they were doing and did it for goals beyond profit and politics.