In Time

Review: In Time

09 Nov 11

21st Century Robin Hoodism

Review - Occupy Hollywood brings us "In Time", making bank robbery a moral right. Writer/director Andrew Niccol (a kiwi, embarrassingly) takes time=money, eternal life, manifest destiny, and Darwinian Capitalism to the nth. The new currency is life, measured in units of minutes. After turning 25 each human becomes a dwindling ATM. Keep earning, you keep living. The 1% control population by keeping inflation high enough so the lowest of the 99% "times out". Niccol (Gattaca, Truman Show) is a filmmaker with big 'high concept' ideas. The theme of his latest is, the virtue of wealth redistribution. "In Time" for the anti-capitalists' global tantrum, this is socialism wrapped up in an B-Grade sci-fi flick... made by a member of the hypocritical, self-serving 1%.