Inland Empire

Inland Empire


Some seven years in the making, David Lynch's Inland Empire revives many of the dormant projects that thread through the director’s intricate career. In exploring a contaminated Hollywood, a physical Los Angeles and a metaphorical America, Lynch traverses the realm of the mind in a surreal work that is as beguiling as it is confounding.... More

Lynch regular Laura Dern plays Nikki, an actress who’s signed to star in a remake of a film. Soon they discover that the reason the original was never completed was because the actors were brutally murdered. Lynch quickly disturbs this dysfunctional thriller with erotic anarchy as he hurtles toward a shocking, confronting and utterly uncompromising conclusion.Hide

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If you know who David Lynch is, you'll probably already know whether or not you want to see this film.

If you don't know who David Lynch is, but are curious about this movie, here are two pieces of advice.

First: do go see INLAND EMPIRE in a cinema while you have the opportunity.

Second: when you go to see INLAND EMPIRE, don't make the following mistakes. Do not expect a traditional movie where the beginning, middle, and end are clearly defined and neatly mapped out for convenience. ... More Do not worry that there maybe some intellectual joke behind all this weirdness which only a pretentious film-school graduate is qualified to get, because there isn't; this is almost the opposite of intellectual film-making, it's Intuitive film-making where the imagination rules over reason. Do not try too hard to "make sense" out of what you are presented with as this will only end in frustration - the sounds and pictures (and the fragmented story that emerges from them) are themselves the film's attempt to make sense out of feelings we have but can't articulate. Just let the experience wash over you. You'll be baffled, most certainly. But if you let the movie do it's thing, if you let the dream be what it is, you'll be hypnotised in no time: you'll probably giggle nervously in places, perhaps get a little turned-on in others, maybe want to cry, and (at least once or twice) almost certainly be scared out of your skin. And at the end, you'll know you definitely just experienced SOMETHING, even if you can't explain it in words.

And then, if you're still curious, go rent any David Lynch movie you can find on DVD, 'cause that's what this guy does, and nobody does it better.Hide

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72% of critics recommend.
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  • A dazzling and exquisitely original riddle as told by an enigma, featuring a superb, multi-layered performance by Laura Dern... Full Review

  • While I did enjoy the ride I took with the film, after the lights came up I was just thrilled Lynch was allowed to create such a journey for us to go on. Imagine what the cinema world would be like if more great directors threw caution to the wind and followed their artistic vision. It's a world I'd like to see and I hope Lynch continues to pave the way... Full Review

  • Inland Empire is interchangably terrifying, maddening, shockingly hilarious and perversely exciting, and that's just to those who end up disliking it... Full Review

  • My advice, in the face of such hallucinatory brilliance, is that you hang on... Full Review

  • The murky, pixelated vision certainly adds to the anxiety of the ‘mare, as does the staccato horror: abrupt, ad hoc moments of classic Lynchian terror. For all its maddening incomprehensibility, Inland Empire is never uninteresting, and affirms what Lynch thrill seekers have known since day one: that in relinquishing to the experience, you’ll hang on every low drone, mental trapdoor, and hysterical shriek for dear life. In a nutshell, cinema at its most perilous... Full Review

  • Inland Empire may mesmerize those for whom the helmer can do no wrong, but the unconvinced and the occasional admirer will find it dull as dishwater and equally murky... Full Review

  • Inland Empire is Lynch's most experimental film since "Eraserhead." But unlike that brilliant debut (or its two masterful successors, "Blue Velvet" and "Mulholland Dr."), it lacks concentration. It's a miasma. Cheap DV technology has opened Lynch's mental floodgates... Full Review

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