Insidious: Chapter 2

Insidious: Chapter 2


It will take what you love most.

Horror director James Wan (Saw, The Conjuring) continues the story of the haunted Lambert family - plagued by a childhood mystery that has left them dangerously connected to the spirit world. Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson reprise their roles.

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BY jaynine superstar

[SPOILER down below]
Predictable at most. I feel as if there wasn't much development with the plot as a sequel. Either its not enough tension, or you can just predict when something is about to go down. Cliche horror conventions. And I feel it had gotten rather silly when they happen to introduce time travelling.

BY Rhys-Rushton superstar

The 2nd instalment of Insidious takes off where the 1st instalment left us. A little scared and a little intrigued about astral travel.

Insidious 2 starts by tracing the haunting back to its origin. The movie skips from the present to the past without losing you. And answers some questions.

There are frights for the first time viewer but if you have seen the first instalment you will be pretty familiar with them and be expecting them. You will actually start getting good at picking when... More they will happen.

All in all it’s an OK horror and entertaining enough but remember, this is a low budget production (comparatively speaking) shot over 25 days so, I am happy with the results considering.

A Charmed 3/5 from me.Hide

BY Dan-Thompson superstar

The first Insidious was a fun fright-fest that clearly made enough money to warrant a sequel. It's just a shame that the sequel came out in the same year as Wan's, far superior, "The Conjuring". With Patrick Wilson starring in all three films, it does get a little confusing (and ridiculous) at times. Still, if you've seen the first, there are a few clever twists toward the end.

BY SmashTheTV superstar

I saw this at the 24 Hour Movie Marathon. Granted I haven't seen the first one, but this was awful, plain and simple.

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36% of critics recommend.
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  • With Wan confidently orchestrating jump scares and bonkers plot twists, this is hugely hokey horror fun that's the match of the original. Full Review

  • Wan remains a crafty enough director to draw your eye warily across the frame. You shouldn't feel so daft for flinching this time. Full Review

  • Chronic mediocrity continues to haunt this series exploring the terrors of demonic possession. Full Review

  • He's become a master of making hoary elements feel fresh again... Chapter 2 reminds viewers why these elements were scary in the first place, and proves skillful filmmaking can breathe new life into the oldest ideas. Full Review

  • Poltergeist goes Back To The Future with only passable results in a film whose activity is more par for the course than paranormal. Full Review

  • A modestly scaled and highly pleasurable sequel to Wan's low-budget 2011 smash that should have genre fans begging for thirds. Full Review

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