A documentary legend tackles a fashion icon here with Albert Maysles' (Grey Gardens) portrait of style maven Iris Apfel, the New Yorker now in her 90s and showing no signs of relinquishing her superb sense of style.... More

"The great documentarian Albert Maysles'... film is about fashion- and interior-design maven Iris Apfel, who is herself just south of 94, as she celebrates the late wave of popularity she enjoyed on the heels the Met’s 2006 exhibition of her collection of often affordably priced fashion accessories. Maysles, who pops up from time to time as a cheerful on-camera presence, follows Iris as she makes selections for the touring exhibition, advises young women on their fashion choices, and bargains with store owners, usually in the company of her husband of 66 years, Carl, who recently turned 100. Iris’s resilience is a wonder to behold, never more so than when she dismisses the idea of being "pretty" - for her, the only thing that matters is style." (New York Film Festival)Hide

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The take-away from this sartorial romp through the day-to-day life of 93-year old fashion icon Iris Apfel, is ‘wear your heart on your sleeve, belt, head and pants’. There’s so much to love simply in exploring her wardrobe and memories but the New York native also drops truth bombs like a modern day Aristotle that stick with you after the credits roll. Her moxy and chutzpah makes you want to use words like ‘moxy’ and ‘chutzpah’. It’s not a hugely accomplished film but the subject burns so brightly maybe it didn’t need to be.

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BY JuliaLee lister

A very interesting documentary about Iris Apfel, a fashion star of her own making. Very funny in places, injected with her wit and wise words. Really interesting to see her behind the scenes experiences and hear of her life story. A great one for the lovers of fashion and design but also for anyone who is fascinated by people and how they choose to live their lives. Very inspiring and thought provoking!

BY Mel superstar

A must see for fashion doco enthusiasts (a growing sub-genre that rarely disappoints), but also a wonderful portrait of a truly individual lady who's optimism and frankly-delivered pearls of wisdom are consistently entertaining. Whether or not you think her vast collection of costume jewellery and fashion is over-the-top, or even garish, it’s impossible not to admire her exuberance. Some of the more uneasy aspects are skimmed over – her long-time husband’s fragile health and their... More decision not to have children, but these are not really gripes. A hugely satifiying film.Hide

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  • Isn’t groundbreaking doc filmmaking, but it’s amiable and jovial in a way rarely seen in the field... Full Review

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