Iron Man 3

Review: Iron Man 3

13 May 13

Iron in the blood...

Easily the best IRON MAN of the three. Shane Black rockets back. It's been way too long since his first directorial effort - the superb KISS KISS BANG BANG - and judging by this IRON MAN, Shane's missed making movies as much as we've missed him making them. I loved it. My 7 year-old loved it. Action, laughs, a great script, great cast and - dare I say it? Ok, but quietly so's not to upset too many of you... I enjoyed it more than THE AVENGERS (which I loved)... There I said it.... and lived :)

Following THE AVENGERS' climactic third act, IRON MAN 3 grabs Joss Whedon's baton and runs with it. What you get is, as Tony says to The Mandarin: "just good old fashioned revenge!"

Not as dark as THE DARK KNIGHT but nowhere near as light as IRON MAN 2 - this IRON MAN makes up for the sequel's lacklustre plot and execution with a rip-roaring funfest that has everything a superhero comic book Summer blockbuster needs to please little and big kids too.